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🖈 Standard / 👨 by Shipyaari / 📅 November 6, 2015

Shipyaari - Taking Away the Hassle from e Commerce Deliveries

Transportation of goods from one place to another is a commonplace requirement, which is necessary for businesses to thrive. And in a very large number of cases, it is a quintessential feature for a business to succeed in the fast paced business environment of today.

In present times, businesses from a host of industries outsource their logistics and supply chain requirements to third parties. Some of these industries include the pharmacy, BFSI and legal. In particular, transportation and logistics requirements are extremely important for the e-commerce industry, which is growing at a reasonably fast rate at all places in the world, and offers the consumers the convenience to shop at any time, and from the comfort of their home.

The growth rate of e commerce industry is surprising, and in India alone, nearly 1000 new ecommerce companies come up every year. With a greater number of e-commerce brands coming up, stakes could sometimes be high for survival and success in the industry. In such a scenario, we find each of the brands laying its focus and emphasis on customer satisfaction, while further adhering to the policy of customer is king. They try and make sure that their website is well maintain, payment procedures are well designed and easy to use and shipping of goods is carried out in a timely fashion.

Alternately, e commerce brands even offer services like Cash on Delivery or Card on Delivery, to ease the payment procedures for consumers, and further boost their sales and customer retention rates, while ensuring higher customer satisfaction rates at the same time. So laying high emphasis on logistics and backend services are the defining factors which enable an e commerce brand to grow and succeed.

Keeping these factors in mind, the brand Shipyaari has been launched. Shipyaari is an initiative by AVNBiz, and works towards integrating logistics and backend requirements for e commerce companies. Alternatively, services of Shipyaari further extend to effectively meet the logistics requirements for industries other than e commerce, including sectors like pharmacy, retail, BFSI and legal.

As Mr. Ratandhayara, founding member and director at Shipyaari said, ‘We take pride in ensuring a high flexibility of services at Shipyaari, which lets services of Shipyaari further extend to effectively meet the logistics requirements for industries other than e commerce, including sectors like pharmacy, retail, BFSI and legal.’ Shipyaari has been in effect since 2013, and has earned a name for its brand and reliability of services owing to successful and timely execution of logistics assignment for companies from a host of domains.

One of the key underlying mottos at Shipyaari is the integration of logistics services, which simply takes away the hassle from e commerce deliveries. So a client can find more time for doing what he does the best, without having to worry about meeting the requirements for logistics management. And even as Shipyaari services high end clients from e commerce and other sectors, these factors make Shipyaari particularly effective for a startup or a budding entrepreneurial venture.

A very common issue faced by new e commerce ventures pertains to finding a service provider for shipping their goods, and also making sure that they are able to service far flung areas. At times, a brand may discover that it is not able to effectively manage its logistics requirements on its own, and ends up paying more for the logistics services than is necessary.

Shipyaari provides integration of logistics services for e commerce startups and all clients. The brand has tie ups with five courier companies (FedEx, Gati, Delhivery, Aramex, Dotzot), and offers an API, using which a client can select which shipping partner it intends to use.

This has two major advantages
1. A client is able to find the most economical shipping partner with ease and in a hassle free manner.
2. The client is in a position to ship their goods to far flung areas, which would otherwise be difficult to service.

Owing to a vast industry experience in the field of logistics, Shipyaari makes sure that interaction with clients is invariably transparent, and a client is aware of the proceedings of a shipment at every stage. This is managed by the use of a smart API interface. The smart API is configured for the client in such a manner that it allows a client to know the status of the order at every stage. As soon as a customer places an order, Shipyaari comes to know about the same. The smart API then proceeds to find out the most suitable shipping partner for a client. Or the client can choose the preferred shipping partner for himself.

All the client is then required to do is paste the tracking id generated on the API on to the parcel, and hand it over to the pickup guy which Shipyaari sends over. Shipyaari not just ensures timely delivery of goods, but also makes sure that the end consumer is made aware of the status of the transaction. A client can configure the smart API in such a manner that the end consumer can be aware of the transaction at every stage, just by looking at the API.

Effective Management of Cash on Delivery and Card on Delivery services

Shipyaari facilitates cash on delivery and card on delivery services, and this ensures that a larger number of consumers are willing to avail the services offered by an e commerce brand. This further accounts for higher sales, consumer retention, customer satisfaction rates and adds up to the success of a brand.

📅 21 nov 2015