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🖈 Standard / 👨 by Shipyaari / 📅 November 6, 2015

The Solution Provider for All Your Logistics Requirements

In India, and across the world, the e-commerce industry has grown manifolds over the last 15 years. In fact, for any big store, if it is not involved in e-commerce, it could affect their revenues, and even growth. Alternately, there are a host of brands which are involved in e-commerce activities entirely as a brand dedicated to e-commerce. A very surprising fact in this regard is that over 1000 new e-commerce websites come up every year. And in such a scenario, a brand might at times come to realize that it has to put up with cut throat competition.

There are some common painpoints that an e-commerce company has to take care of, and that would ensure its sustained growth in the ever dynamic marketplace. And most of these painpoints are centered on consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction breeds consumer loyalty, and ensures higher sales. And as a brand focuses itself on consumer satisfaction, fulfillment is a very important aspect that an e-commerce player would keep in mind.

When a consumer places an order on an e-commerce website, he would expect.

A larger coverage area for delivery of goods would ensure a larger number of consumers, higher sales and higher revenues. This helps a company grow, and customer fulfillment builds a reputation. As an e-commerce brand starts shipping to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, it can advertise about the same. And this accounts for brand reliability as well. However, e-commerce players at times face a difficulty in sending orders to far flung locations. And at times they may come to realize that they have to spend more for shipping to such a location, quality of shipping is affected, and might even have to bear with consumer complaints. At Shipyaari, as an e commerce logistics services provider we bank on our elaborate industry experience and smart knowledge and know how about marketplaces, both big and small. Alternately, we have over the years built elaborate links with courier and shipping partners all across India, and always make sure that we are well informed about their policies and updates.

This enables us to ship products, both in India and abroad, and reach a wider customer base.

Similarly at Shipyaari, we consistently strive to find the most suited resolution for the problems faced in the e-commerce industry. This is managed through our practical hands on work experience in the field, and centralization of logistics and delivery processes. As an example, we manage order returns in a better way. And as an e-commerce service provider, this saves a lot of hassle for you because you are not required to deal with the courier company directly.

Moreover, we maintain higher standards of connectivity, and through our smart API, you can figure out the status of the order, or where the goods are, at any particular point of time. We also make sure that the delivery process is hassle free at every stage. And one of the ways we manage the same is by making sure that all taxes are paid by courier companies while they make the deliveries, and these are billed to us at a later point of time.

And all you would be required to do is register with us and choose one of our plans. Thereafter, at a very nominal fee, we manage each of the delivery orders that you receive, and act as a partner in your growth as an e-commerce brand.

📅 21 nov 2015