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How do I Find Drop Shippers in India?

Drop-shippers play a very crucial role in today’s era where e-commerce has flourished tremendously and been growing exponentially. Running an online business and owning a virtual store has its unique benefits and distinctive issues too. Sourcing products from suppliers at wholesale rates is the first dilemma faced by anyone wanting to step into the e-commerce arena. Warehousing and logistics are the second in line. That’s when drop shippers come into the picture.

It is not necessary that a store owner must have the stock of physical goods that are being sold on their website. They can simply accept the orders and pass them on to the manufacturers or wholesalers who have those products. Drop shippers are entities that not only manufacture or hold a stock of goods at their own warehouse, but also deliver the goods to the customer’s doorstep when the online store forwards and order to them. In order for your e-store to be a success, you should have a tie-up with multiple drop shippers who are reliable and have superior logistics network. Here is how you can find good drop shippers in India.

Explore Popular Online Stores

Major e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart mention names and ratings of the sellers for every product. Note down their names and search online for their contact details and website through which you can contact them.

Utilize the Search Engines

Search engines such as Google and Bing are your best shots at finding useful leads. Just enter the name of the product and desired location of the drop shipper and relevant results would show up. Sites such as IndiaMart, AlleyFace, India Catalogue, etc. come on top. Search these directories thoroughly and you will certainly find contact details of reliable dropshippers. Make sure you read the ratings and customer reviews of each drop shipper listed in the directory.

Seek References

Seeking references from family members, friends and relatives is a great way to get started. Some of them might have the first-hand experience with drop shippers; others might have contacts in the industry. If many of them have had a bad experience from particular drop shippers, you know which ones to avoid.

Go through the Business Magazines

If you want a deeper insight and most accurate information about a specific industry, you should use the old-fashioned method of browsing through top business magazines like Forbes, Business Today and Business World. You might find useful advertisements issues by the best drop shippers operating in your territory. You could reach out to them on phone or send in an inquiry on the email address provided in the ad.

Approach Local Businesses

The physical market is always flourishing and has innumerable business to cater to the customers’ needs. Local markets present a great opportunity for you to consociate with the wholesalers. Some of them would be competitive and like to expand their customer base. These wholesalers would give your proposition of becoming your drop shipper a serious thought. The odds of your quest ending into a solid business deal are much greater.

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