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🖈 Standard / 👨 by Shipyaari / 📅 January 25th, 2016

A Guide to Choosing the Best Logistics Partner for Ecommerce in India

Does your business operate through an online store? Do you use any of the multi-seller marketplaces for selling your goods? Then one of the greatest challenges that you must be facing is finding the right logistics partner for ecommerce in India. It is true that the ecommerce industry has gone through a series of developments since its inception, but still delivery of products remains one of the major areas of concern. In fact, providing the best shopping experience will never yield the desired results if things go out of control once the products go out of your warehouse.

Given all this, it is important to seek a provider who can offer appropriate ecommerce logistics solutions. You must ask your shipping partner the following questions before finalizing.

Will you get end to end delivery?

It is important to check whether your ecommerce logistics provider in India has proper end to end delivery channels. A responsible partner should be able to delight you with effective goods transportation within the stipulated time both across the country and globally. Confirm regarding the first mile and last mile delivery along with in transit activities before you choose a particular partner.

Is your provider cost effective?

Ensure that your logistics partner for ecommerce in India is providing you with a competitive rate. Rather than involving yourself in too many tie-ups it is always better to go for a few or a single dependable partner, and maintain a rewarding relationship, so that you get the best rates depending upon your order value.

Is your provider fit for your business model?

The exact ecommerce logistics solutions required vary from one industry vertical to another. While an online electronics shop may call for a nationwide network, a cake shop will need quick deliveries within the city. So, first study your business model and your logistics needs before deciding upon a logistics partner.

What kind of coverage are you getting?

Remember that every logistics company does not provide pan-India coverage. So if your business operates across India and you go for an agency whose coverage is limited, it is highly probably that you will lose those customers who are not within the serviceable area. You may indeed tie up with different agencies but that will result in bulky upfront security payments. You can indeed reduce your expenses by choosing a logistics partner who has pan-India coverage or at least delivers to regions where your business enjoys maximum customer density.

Does your provider offer insurance?

Although you might be working with a very experienced ecommerce logistics provider in India, there is always the probability of goods being lost in transit. In such cases, if the item is not covered by insurance, you as a merchant would have to bear the price of the product which is lost. There can also be misplaced delivery. Considering these losses, it is crucial to understand the insurance policy of the logistics partner.

Asking these questions will definitely help you tie-up with the best logistics partner.

📅 15th Nov 2016