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🖈 Standard / 👨 by Shipyaari / 📅 4 January 2018 / 👨 CA Nayan Ratandhayara & Vishal Totla

E-commerce websites: Either abide by the rules or pay a heavy price!

E-commerce sector has considerably evolved far beyond the 90s, the year when the standard greatly prevailed and the usability won. It can still gain much more since the virtual shopping has now matured from infancy to the toddler stage. E-commerce has definitely emerged as the successful medium for selling the products and services. However, all these perks that e-commerce websites owe to the business owners will crumble if the newly imposed rules and regulations are not followed by them accurately and as per the ethical code of conduct. The points mentioned below are the non-exhaustive long list of certain things that you as an e-commerce business owner would like to include and implement on your website from 1st January in order to be present for business:

The key highlights of the substantive alterations are:

In order to address the multiple complaints as filed by the consumers associated with the inadequacy in quantity and quality and deficient in the details furnished by the business on packages or on the on e-commerce platforms, the alterations have recently been made in Legal Metrology or Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. The rules stated above have come into effect from 1st January, 2018, which is an indication that the e-commerce sites will have to put into motion all the stated norms in order to ensure that they do not end up paying a huge fine or getting their website off from the virtual platform all together.

Source: News item published at https://www.gadgetsnow.com/tech-news/e-commerce-companies-need-to-follow-this-from-january-1-or-pay-fine/articleshow/62263115.cms

📅 4 January 2018