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🖈 Standard / 👨 by Shipyaari / 📅 January 14th, 2017

5 Common Shipping Mistakes Shipyaari Helps You Avoid

Do you have items that need to go from one place to another? Have you been managing the shipping processes in-house? If that is so, you must consider handing over the logistics to an expert for enhanced cost-effectiveness, especially if you are a small business. Let’s talk about the 5 common mistakes that most small businesses make when it comes to their logistics. Although it’s easy to commit such errors, the good news is that we at Shipyaari can identify and correct them quickly for you.

Guesstimating the Rates

It often happens that your manager is scrambling to ship rush orders at the earliest. They guesstimate the cost of shipment, most often arbitrarily. The odds of incurring a loss from such practice are high because of the difference between your guesstimate and the actual cost. At Shipyaari, we give you accurate quotes for each shipment.

Lack of Automation

It’s unfeasible for small business to implement automated systems due to the absence of economies of scale. It’s costly to process paper waybills and free to do so electronically. Automation offers cost-efficiency and the benefit is ultimately passed on to the customer.

Relying on Past Metrics

It’s easier to assume that this year’s cost of shipping would be same as the previous years. Eventually, you end up underestimating and under quoting your customers, which leads to a financial whiplash for you. At Shipyaari, we keep a track of current trends in logistics and therefore our quotes are very accurate.

Deficiency in Packaging

All products are different in respect of size, weight and degree of fragility. Therefore, every product needs a different kind of packaging. The structural integrity of the package wears down by 50% after its first shipment. What if the package is no longer robust enough to protect the product during the transit? If at all the product reaches undamaged to the customer, will it remain intact by the time it reaches you should they decide to return it? At Shipyaari, we pack every item optimally to prevent losses.

Lack of Knowledge for International Deliveries

International deliveries are a thrilling experience for small businesses. However, getting overwhelmed doesn’t help. It’s important to know the taxes and tariffs of the country you wish to ship the consignment to. Otherwise, the unpaid taxes would pose a big surprise for the customer when they receive the package. They might decline the delivery, which would incur losses for you. Our team at Shipyaari has up-to-date information about the international taxes and tariffs so that the deal is transparent and there are no surprises involved.

Final Say

The above-stated points are some of the common mistakes that most small businesses make when it comes to their logistics. These mistakes might not appear that much prominent but have a major effect on the overall logistics cost. You need to be alert and aware in order to prevent such kind of situations. Always remember that for every problem there is a cure that is available through patient analysis.

📅 14th Jan 2017