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Around 1,000 of new e-commerce companies make their online presence every year. And the number is just growing! We recognize that. Surviving without being online is limiting to your dream. What we think is that entrepreneurs should be left to do their business, and not worry about how it’s supported. They need a website? They need to figure out where their customers are located, they can - but reaching them should not be a problem, because we take care of all of that! We provide an integrated system with all vendors enabling automated pickups and tracking of shipment.

We are one of the youngest providers given the major operators a run for their money. The current infrastructure to support these businesses is very un-organized, so we started this venture as a one-stop shop for all your e-commerce business needs. Currently there are many platforms who can help you for making & designing websites at low price & which will help you to boost your sales…. But but… to deliver those sold product is not easy... how to ship your products quickly before consumer change his mind and at low costs ! Let us handle these logistics for you. And at a very low cost. Trust us for that!

We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, supporting over 1,500+ start ups businesses in one & half a year. That’s 3/5th of the people who start, not bad at all!

With our extensive skills we now feel confident that we can provide you with a professional, effective and a timely solution for all your business support needs, like logistics support, digital marketing, packing material requirements, payment gateways & every big and small challenges which you face in growing you online presence….

Effective Since Apr-2013, We have our tie-ups with total of 5 courier companies like FedEx, Gati, Delhivery, Aramex, Dotzot and with many more in the pipeline. Our differentiator is "Enhanced reach without compromising on service levels". An integrated system with all vendors which enables automated pickups and tracking of shipment. We ship more than 2,000 products per day. Till date we had shipped more than 200,000 products worth Rs. 12Cr products and had remitted more than Rs. 5 Cr of COD amount to our clients.

At Shipyaari, we share your commitment towards customer satisfaction, and would be your partner in ensuring that you are able to deliver the goods conveniently at multiple locations, both local and global.

With Shipyaari, you let your business grow !!